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Empire, 2006
Video, color, sound, 7:17 min.

Shot at various locations around the Great Salt Lake Desert, Empire takes a look at a variety of historical and present day activities that have shaped a rarely visited region of the United States. The impression of the general public is that there is nothing in the desert. This video strives to document, in an objective manner, simply part of what is there. The video was shot within the low-tech limitations of a Canon Powershot digital still camera set on a tripod. The sound was recorded separately with an Edirol digital recorder. 

The locations/scenes are as follows: 

Historic Wendover Airfield (training base for pilots of the Enola Gay who would drop the atomic bombs Fat Boy and Little Man on Hiroshima and Nagasaki).
Rocket display at the Thiokol plant.
Vintage missile debris, Utah Test and Training Range.
Radar exercise and convoy of the 109th Air National Guard.
Gunnery targets, South Base, Wendover Airfield.
Neon sign welcoming gamblers to casinos on the Utah/Nevada border.
Kennecott's Bingham Pit Copper Mine (worlds largest open pit mine).
Interstate 80 viewed from the Bonneville Raceway where several land speed records have been set.
Locusts on Highway 233.
Brine elevators at the solar evaporation ponds of Intrepid Potash.
Cargill salt production facility.
The Mormon Tabernacle. 

Sound track sources in order are:

Twin US fighter planes.
Walking Bonneville Salt Flats with sonic booms.
Radar and swallows.
Utah state sheriff and deputies taking target practice.
Casino slot machines.
Vehicular air conditioning.
Brine elevator machinery.

Program 13 : 06 January 2007



John Arndt holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His work incorporates elements from his everyday life, including utilitarian designs which can be converted into aesthetic objects by changing their context. Mr. Arndt's work has been exhibited at the Ten in One Gallery and Betty Rymer Gallery in Chicago. He has also shown at the Evanston Art Center, Lake Forest College and the Warsaw Project Space in Cincinnati.