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Il Tentativo di Elly, 2005
Video, color, sound, 9:30 min.

"I asked Elly, an illegal immigrant from Casablanca, to play his own life. “Elly’s Attempt” is a fake documentary, where the main character is playing himself. The dramatisation of his life reaches its climax when Elly fancifully tries to fly on the carpets that, in fact, didn’t take him anywhere. Free will, the ability to choose our own destiny, is not limited by mere geographical boundaries. The market economy imposes to the carpets - that would like to fly - to be made of money. Money is not a goal in itself, it is not the final objective, but rather a means for achieving empowerment."

-Stanislao Di Giugno

The Trick of Appearances, 2004
Video, color, sound, 2:56 min.
"In “The Trick of Appearances” space and time seem to be deconstructed by the oneiric imagination that connects daily time and cosmic time. The relentless pace of routine fades in the infinite space, and then gets back to everyday life, in the shape of a dream.
As in Chinese boxes, time encompasses a different time (The Trick of Appearances) and space encompasses a different space (No Way Out), in a metonymic view of the world where everything is interconnected.

-Stanislao Di Giugno

No Way Out, 2003
10:30 min.

"In one of my first videos, “No Way Out”, shot in a subway station in Rome, I play with the ideas of public space and work of art, where the main theme is manipulation of time. The movements of passers-by are slowed down, the frenzy of people walking through the square is altered by the slow motion and by a vocal melody.
At the end of the video, when time and sound get back to their usual pace, I turn up and pick up from the floor a starfish which reproduces the structure of the square at the entrance of the subway.
The analysis of time is definitely one of the key elements of my work. In my video “The Trick of Appearances”, I use time as the link between dream and reality, by changing its pace and expansion.

-Stanislao Di Giugno

Program 20 : 03 March 2006