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2006, 5:32 min. (video, b&w, sound)
On April 30th, at midnight, I began to demolish a wall located at the end of an underground tunnel in the Centro Sociale and former convent “Angelo Mai” in Rome.
The action ended around 1.45 a.m. 

Slow Food
2005, 5:09 min. (video, color, sound)
In collaboration with Filippo Berta, Davide Ferrari, Giuseppe Ferrari, Valentina Uberti,
Teatro Sociale di Bergamo, on September 2, 2005

Five people are in a race - they need to eat as slowly as they possibly can, but can't stop at any point. The performance begins at 20.30. The winner finished her meal at 23.35. The shots, from the moment the performance begins to the moment when the first competitor loses, are sped up to 35 percent of their normal rate.

Pensiero Unico
2003, 5:40 min. (video, color, sound)
On March 22nd, in the Saletta Comunale for Contemporary Art in Castel San  Pietro (Bologna), starting at 6 pm, I repeatedly and continuously sung the first few words of the two Italian fascist songs, Giovinezza  ("Giovinezza, giovinezza, primavera di bellezza" - "Youth, youth, spring of beauty") and Vincere ("Vincere, vincere, vincere, e vinceremo in cielo, in terra e in mare. E' la parola d'ordine, una suprema volontà" - "To win, to win, to win, and we will win, in the sky, on land and on sea. It's our word of honour, our supreme will." ) My intention was to stop only when I had completely lost my voice. The action ended at 11.45 pm.


Program 18 : 10 feb 07


Cesare Pietroiusti's art practice focuses on  problematic and paradoxical situations that are hidden in common relationships and in ordinary acts - thoughts that come to mind without a reason, small worries, quasi-obsessions that are usually considered too insignificant to become a matter of discussion, or of self-representation. The artist explores choices and intentions formulated by subjectivities other than his own, and the ways in which to make these choices become his own choices.

For the project Louisiana Museum, May 6 to 13, 1996 (Louisiana Museum, Copenhagen 1996) the artist spent seven days closed in a gallery space of a museum, and lived each day with the food and the things selected by another person.

In 1994 Pietroiusti was available to do 'useful' things for anyone of the audience who would make a request: he walked dogs, gave shots, cleaned out cellars, and more. In 1997 he published Non-functional thoughts (ed. Morra, Naples), a small book containing approximately one hundred useless, parasite or incongruous ideas to be realised as art projects by anyone. Some of these ideas have been executed by artists and curators, such as for the exhibition "Democracy!" (Royal College of Art, London, 2000)

His project "Things That Are Certainly not Art", for which about 500 people contributed to the show, inaugurated the Bloomberg Space in London in 2002. He took part in the 50th Venice Biennale (2003) with "Riserva Artificiale", a collective work with a group of students of the local Academy of Fine Arts, consisting in narrative explorations of people and places of Porto Marghera, the industrial area of Venice.

Born in Rome in 1955, lives in Rome

Degree in Medicine with an essay on Psychiatry (1979)

Co-founder of the Artist-run space "Jartrakor" in Rome and of the magazine "Rivista di Psicologia dell'Arte" (1979-1984)

Editor of the magazine "Aperture" (1996-2000)

Artist in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco (1993), at the Civitella Ranieri Center, Umbertide (1996) and at the Rijksutstallningar Summer Academy (Ramnas, Sverige, August 1999)

Co-coordinator of the project "Oreste 0" (communitary experience for italian and international artists, Paliano, July 1997), "Oreste 1" (Paliano, July 1998), Oreste 2 (Montescaglioso, Matera, Aug.-Sept. 1999), and "Oreste at the Venice Biennale" (exhibition dAPERTutto, Italian Pavilion, 48th Biennale di Venezia, June - Nov. 1999) (

Co-coordinator of the meeting "Come spiegare a mia madre che ciò che faccio serve a qualcosa. Comunicazione, quotidianità, soggettività nelle nuove ricerche artistiche italiane" (Link, Bologna, 31 October / 1-2 November 1997) and of the meeting "Piacere Picasso.. Artistic research, independent production, local artist-run spaces" (Matera 17-19 September 1999)

Premio Alinovi award 1999

Co-founder of "Nomads & Residents", New York, 2000 (

Coordinator of the artistic projects at the Clocktower, New York, 2000-2001

Coordinator of the Seminar "I solisti e la banda - Per una critica delle pratiche artistiche condivise" (The soloists and the band . For a critique of collective artistic practices), at the Fondazione Baruchello, Roma, 2003 (

Teacher at the Laboratorio delle Tecniche e delle Espressioni Artistiche, IUAV University, Venice, 2004-(

Co-curator of the Sound Art Museum, Rome (2004-)Member of the Advisory Board, Fondazione Ratti, Como (2005-)

One-man shows (selection)

1978 - "Ipotesi di identità" (Jartrakor, Rome)

1982 - "50 risposte a quattro immagini-stimolo" (Jartrakor, Rome)

1987 - "n titoli" (La Scala c/o, Rome)

1989 - "Cesare Pietroiusti" (Studio Casoli, Milan) "Alice 27/01/1989" (Alice, Rome)

1990 - "Finestre Vivita 1, 17/11 e 29/11/1989" (Vivita 1, Florence); "Cesare Pietroiusti" (Galerie de Paris, Paris)

1992 - "Punto vendita libri" (Primo Piano, Rome)

1995 - "In che cosa posso esserti utile?" (Primo Piano, Rome)

1997 - "Pensieri non funzionali" (Studio Morra, Naples)

1998 - "Cosa c'è che non va?" (Emi Fontana, Milano)

1998 - "Oggetti inesistenti" (Graffio, Bologna)

1999 - "Tutto quello che trovo" (Base. Firenze)

2000 - "Una condizione apparentemente normale / An Apparently Normal Condition" (Graffio, Bologna)

2001 - "One Hundred Things that Are Certainly not Art" (Platform, Vaasa, Finland); "Difetti normali / Normal Defects" (Primo Piano, Roma); "Due artisti / Two Artists" (with Giancarlo Norese, Graffio, Bologna)

2002 - "Things that Are Certainly Not Art" (Bloomberg Space, London); "The Other's Gaze" (Alice e Altrilavorincorso, Roma)

2003 - "Riciclare pensieri superflui" (Palazzo Bricherasio, Torino) 2004 - "Fourth International Week of the Micro-performance" (Skuc gallery, Ljubljana); “Methods for an Irreversibile Alteration of Money” (with Paul Griffiths - Trafo Gallery, Budapest)2006 – “Senza titolo” (performance, Angelo Mai, Roma); “Gareth James, Cesare Pietroiusti” (gall. Franco Soffiantino, Torino)

Group shows and special projects (selection)

1977 - "Quattro artisti inediti" (Jartrakor, Rome)

1981 - "Otto artisti romani" (Cenobio Visualità, Milan)

1985 - "Nuove avanguardie a Roma" (Jartrakor, Rome)

1987/88 - "Falci, Fontana, Modica, Pietroiusti" (Il Milione and Studio Casoli, Milan; Vivita 2, Florence; Planita, Rome)

1988 - "Da zero all'infinito" (Radda in Chianti and Volpaia Castle); "Davvero" (L'Osservatorio, Milan)

1990 - "Aperto '90" (XXIV Venice Biennale) 1991 - "Storie" (Alice and Il Campo, Rome; Studio Casoli, Milan); "Anninovanta" (gall. Comunale d'Arte Moderna,  Bologna; Le Navi, Cattolica); "Le groupe de Piombino" (Forges Royales de la Chaussade, Guerigny); "Being here/Being there" (Otis Parsons gallery, Los Angeles); Fotografija" (Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana) 1992 - EDGE 92 (Mercado Puerta de Toledo, Madrid; various sites, London); "Exhibit A" (Serpentine Gallery, London)

1995 - "Wild roses grow by the roadside" (152c Brick Lane, London); "It's not a picture" (Emy Fontana, Milan); "Tentativi di intrusione" (S. Maria delle Croci, Ravenna); "Incursioni" (Link, Bologna)

1996 - "NowHere" (Lousiana Museum, Copenhagen); "Lightness and weight" (Custard Factory, Birmingham); "Ultime generazioni" - with the Giochi del senso e/o nonsenso (XII Quadriennale of Rome)

1997 - "Para-Site" (Commercial Center Toison d'Or, Bruxelles); "Fuori uso" (Stab. ex-FEA, Pescara); "504" (Zentrum for Kunst, Mediem and Design, Braunschweig);  "Stradarolo" (public streets in Gennazzano and Zagarolo); "Sotto il cielo di Roma e Berlino" (public spaces and trains,  Stazione Ostiense, Roma)

1998 - "Due o tre cose che so di loro" (PAC, Milan);  "L'Opera Partecipata" (Sala 1, Rome);  "Subway (Subway stations and public passages, underground passages of city railway, Milan);  "Qui, là, ovunque. Coram populo" (streets in Codegliano and Viconago, Varese);  "Stradarolo " (regional public busses between towns of Zagarolo, Gennazzano, S.Cesareo etc.);  "Eccentrica"
(public school in Varignana, Rocca Sforzesca in Imola, Cassero in Castel S. Pietro)

1999 - "DiStancia" (No Admittance, Studio Massardi, Roma); "Ritorno a Piombino" (Primo Piano, Roma); "Ripetuti congedi" (Oprea Paese, Roma); "Spazi vuoti" (Università di Camerino, Ascoli Piceno); "Molteplicittà" (Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Roma).

2000 - "L'ultimo disegno del 1999 / The Last Drawing of the Century" (Zerynthia, Rome; Teatro nacional - Galeria Portoccarero, Havana); "2000+" (Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana); "The Human Adapter" (Art in General, New York); "Democracy1" (Royal College of Art, London); "Premio Francesca Alinovi 1986-2000" (Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Bologna).

2001 - "Dinamiche della vita dell'arte" (Gall. Comunale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamo); "Clocktower Lecture Lounge I and II" (Clocktower gallery and studios, New York); "What's Wrong?" (The Trade Apartment, London); "+ storie contemporaneee" (Museo di Scienze Naturali, Bergamo); "Audio in Elevator - Non Functional Thoughts" (Art in General, New York).

2002 - "Generosity Projects" (CCAC, San Francisco); Hortus Ludens Project (Marres, Maastricht); "Resolution Way" (Deptford Arches, London); "Relazioni incrociate" (various sites, Roma, Berna, Schoppingen); "Curatorial Market" (Artists' Alliance, Cuchifritos, New York); "Radical & Critical" (Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Roma)

2003 "Global Priority" (JCAL, New York); "Il Presente non esiste" (Saletta Comunale, Castel San Pietro Terme); "Tuscia Electa" (Greve in Chianti and other locations); "Sub-real" (Smart Project Space, Amsterdam); "Imperfect Marriages" (Galleria Emi Fontana, Milano); "Moltitudini, solitudini" (Museion and other locations, Bolzano); "Arte Pubblica in Italia" (Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella); "iD" (various locations, Vaasa, Finland); "Riserva Artificiale" (Biennale di Venezia, collective project with students
of the local Academy of Fine Arts); "Tra- Monti" (Various locations, Monti neighborhood, Roma); "Sonicity" (former General Market, Roma); "La democrazia del corpo" (Cantieri Goldonetta, Firenze).

2004 "L'Arte dell'Ascolto" (Radioartemobile, Roma and; "La casa di cui tutti hanno la chiave" (collective project for the Fondazione Baruchello, Roma); "On Air" (Galleria Comunale, Monfalcone); “Clear the Line” (Pictura, Dordrecht); “Immaginare Corviale” (collective project with Osservatorio Nomade and Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Rome); “Microperformances” (collective project, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT, Cambridge)
2005 - "Arteinmemoria 2" (Ostia Antica Archeological Site); XIV Quadriennale di Roma (Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Roma); “3.500 cm2” (Rialto Santambrogio, Roma); "Interessi Zero" (Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Trento); "Ti voglio bene" (Raid Projects, Los Angeles) "Slubfurt City?" (various locations, Slubice, Poland and Frankfurt/Oder, Germany); “Incursioni” (Link, Bologna); "Denso" (Neon, Bologna); "Tribù della Memoria" (with Cecilia Guida and Ilaria Lazzarotta - Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Roma); "NowHere Europe" (Abbazia della Misericordia, 51° Venice Biennale ); "Eating Money – An Auction" (with Paul Griffiths, Neon Bologna e ViaFarini, Milano); “Ten Thousand Unique Artworks Distributed for Free”, (performance durino the “Notte Bianca”, Fondazione Olivetti, Roma); “Slow Food” (performance, Villa delle Rose, Bologna); “Heavy Food” (Teatro Sociale, Bergamo); “Pensiero Unico / Vincere” (Codalunga, Vittorio Veneto); “Tirana Biennale 3 – Loosing without being a looser” (Complexi Goldi, Tirana, Albania); “Integrazione Europea” (collective project and performance, Cinema Agimi, Tirana); “Sold Out / Svenduto” (More Fools in Town, Torino)

2006 – “Paradossi dell’amicizia” (with Giancarlo Norese – ViaFarini, Milano); “La scelta della gente / The People’s Choice” (Isola Art Center, Milano); “Poetry & Art” (City Theatre and other locations, Rotterdam) “Out Art” (Villa dei Quintili, Roma); “Hospitality; Space, Travel, Translation” (Fondazione Olivetti and other locations, Rome); “Mine, Yours, Ours” (Galerija Kortil and HKD na Susaku, Rijeka, HR)