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Intervallo Perduto
2004, 2:53 min.
(video, color, sound)


Come un pesce fuor d'acqua

L'uomo che non c'e' non c'e' che l'uomo

Program 20 : 03 March 2006


An image comes to my mind that I’ d like to evoke.
I was on a ferry in the middle of the sea, no land in sight; on the wall a map representing the ferry itself and a dot saying: Voi siete qui, Vous etes ici, You are here.
That “here” moving on the surface of the water well represents the sense of what I am trying to grasp with my work: the transitional, the ephemeral, the irony of being thrown into the openness, with our little maps, ourselves like little dots…
Wo/andering is a video where I investigate this feeling of estrangement: an imaginary group of tourists, guided by a man with a white umbrella is wondering around without getting anywhere.  The group migrates from deserted fields to desolated urban spaces and ends up onto a rooftop for then disappears into a shed, meanwhile a train passes by and a new trip opens itself. A voice over accompaines the viewer confronting him with indications slowly turning into questions calling him into play.
In another video the head of our trip is a gold fish freed by its domestic condition, from the banality of its fish bowl, moves suspended over the city. Thanks to its presence a flat Sunday scenario becomes ironic and new, like in a surrealist painting, but in motion!
Maybe this is the very position of an artist: the one of a fish out of water that thanks to a suspension can look at the world from a different angle, allowing him to play with language and signs, too often emptied out of meaning, and rethink the world, renew its sense.
But meaning does not have a fixed location, so in the attempt to inhabit this mobility my work plays with the ephemeral: images about to appear or disappear, collages made out of confetti, punch-holed images, drawings made by drilling onto a wall a multitude of dots, words written on a bed linen and then washed away, a myriad of paper mills.