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2:55 min, 2002 (video, color, sound)

In Urge I investigate the role that power plays in the relationship between people and animals. The menacing tension between a man and a dog comes to a climax when the man shows a sign of movement. The dog’s accumulated aggression is part of the game and his attack on the man is both vicious as well as good-natured.
With Urge I explore the balance between tenderness and aggression, and between the game and reality.
The dog serves as a means to influence the balance of power between people. Its instincts have been trained in such a way that he has become a weapon for people to use against one another, and a versatile aggressor. Urge examines this cultivated relationship between man and animals, which is determined by the human rules of the game, while at the same time it reveals certain power structures.

Mirjam Somers and Esther Bruggink
2:52 min, 2002 (video, color, sound)

Fathom is a collaborative piece by the artists Mirjam Somers and Esther Bruggink. The point of departure for this work was provided by the book project ‘Incidental Music’ (2002) by Alice Evermore. The psychological condition of this book’s main protagonist was the guiding principle for the work. 
In Fathom we see a figure lying in a dark, enclosed space. This person rolls from side to side on the edge of sleep. Her existence in this private universe appears both peaceful and gentle as well as fragile and oppressive. The apparent ease with which she moves in this world and the actual impossibility of existing there are entirely contradictory.

1:48 min, 2000 (video, color, sound)

Manuscript shows a man and a bird in a small space. In an attempt to communicate the man tries to commit something to paper, but all words evaporate in the white landscape.
Manuscript is a subdued image, which represents the mental and physical space of a writer. As isolated as he is, the man is still closely observed by a black crow, which moves around him and reminds him of the manuscript that he has never written.


In my video works, people and animals inhabit a disturbing world, which appears as spartan and austere as it is strange and mysterious. When not alone the protagonists are left to each other’s devices, united only in their submissiveness and incapacity. Sometimes they appear to be simply waiting, as if frozen in time and space, while at other moments their actions are determined by habit, necessity, or ritual.

The works are short, compressed periods of calm, menace, and release. They are personal reflections on instinctive practices, in which I try to find a universal, existential relevance through a slow process of distillation.


Selected Exhibitions
2006 Lineart 2006 curator Sven Vanderstichelen, International Art Fair, Gent (B)
Kortfilm op Hout, Rotterdam Festivals, Rotterdam.  
Cineboards 2003, stichting Picos de Europa, Rotterdam. Hedah Outdoor, stichting Hedah, Maastricht.
2002 Circus Maximus in space, stichting Lazymarie, Utrecht.  Mooi weer spelen, stichting Op Visite, Delft. 5e Global Attic film-& video Festival, stichting Picos de Europa, Rotterdam. Insane in my brain, Den Haag. Esther Bruggink en Mirjam Somers, de Cabine, CBK, Nijmegen. Blauwdruk, stichting Op Visite, Delft. Incidental music, Alice Evermore, M.A.P. Brussels (B).
Double exposure, Room & Guests Quartair, Den Haag. Secret Gardens curator Annemie van Laethem, Oud-Rekem (B). Lise Duclaux en Mirjam Somers, Room, Rotterdam. Vlam, Netwerk galerij, Aalst (B).
2000 Atopie, stichting Hedah, Maastricht. 13, Presentation of HISK Laureates 2000, HISK, Antwerp (B).

Catalogues / articles / broadcasts
2002 Addict  nr  17  2002  the  liquid  issue.  Incidental  music  book  project  with  cd-rom   by  Alice  Evermore.  Manuscript   broadcast   2002  Kunstkanaal. 
2001 Secret Gardens   catalogue.   Het   geheim  van   Lanaken,   by  Luk  Lambrecht, 
De Morgen,  16/06/2001.  De   vogel  en  de  isoleercel   by  Peter  Janssen,  De Limburger 31/05/2001. Vlam catalogue
2000 13 catalogue


2004   Basisstipendium,    Fonds    voor   Beeldende   Kunsten  Vormgeving   en Bouwkunst  
2002  subsidie   Kleinschalige  opdrachten,  CBK  Rotterdam  
2001 tentoonstellingssubsidie  CBK,  Rotterdam