Open Video Projects is a growing video archive currently based in Rome, Italy that facilitates screenings throughout the city and abroad.

OVP provides accessibility to contemporary art, film, and audiovisual culture through the use of video screenings and video-inspired initiatives and events.

In recent years, audiovisual formats and techniques have exponentially increased, a reality which has led us to projects that specifically address the use of the video medium. Open Video Projects addresses the intricacies of the relationship between cinema and contemporary art and also investigates how audiovisual production is active in other cultural fields like performance, architecture, dance and photography.

Artists' film and video, documentaries, experimental cinema, film shorts, video installations and other audio-visual productions which fall out of these prescribed categories are often mixed together in OVP programs. The screenings are often viewed outside the traditional context of movie theaters, art galleries, museums and television - by holding screening in varied locations OVP is able to reach a diverse public. Proposing video screenings to varied or unfamiliar audiences, OVP creates suggestive experiences for both viewer and author.

OVP is in the process of assembling an audiovisual archive. Material which is included in screenings will be evaluated for inclusion in the archive. Videos are collected through the use of international open calls, invitiation, and project proposals by local and visiting artists, filmmakers, curators and writers. Works are selected based on quality and not an adherence to specific themes or formats.

Lorenzo Benedetti is the director of De Vleeshal in Middleburg (NL).

Sarra Brill is an artist/filmmaker and independent curator.

Curatorial contributions provided by Lorenzo Benedetti, Sarra Brill, Andrew Cappetta, Irene Di Maggio, Adrienne Drake, Lexi Eberspacher, Giovanna Felluga, Lorenzo Gigotti, Jason Livingston, Giuliano Lombardo, Kristen Lorello, Vincenzo Mistretta, Nero Magazine, Piero Pala and Jack Riccobono.
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